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        • found in late 2009 in Guangdong Province China as a High-Tech company devoted to Research and Development (R&D), manufacturing as well as installation and Assembling of several LED related products for Stage Lightning/Disco/Interior/Advertisement and relax Lightning Solutions for several customers in Europe, Saudi Arabia and Latin America, Flexible LED Screens, LED Dj booths, Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Screens for advertisement and more, elektric-junkys is an abbreviation which


          • Seriosity

          • Flexibility

          • Loyality

          • Countability

          • INTERGRITY

          (Seriosity) build and Strong up the character of our Staff. Honesty with our Customers is our First Priority. Aswell as the Quality standards and requirements of our products.

          (Flexibility) we listen to our customers .. Means we are Flexible on Special Wishes or Requests from clients, special Shipping Methods or Special Package´s, whatever customers need we have a open ear for our customers.

          (Integrity).We Treat our customers with Integrity no lies, no cheats, no delays we tell customers "before" what we have on stock what we need to assemble, and how long we need for the assembly process, aswell as the wide range of shipping methods we can offer !

          We from elektric-junkys.com make the social communication and treatment to one of our Prioritys . Taking the potential demand of market as the foot hold of our company, we always devote to the R&D of the application of led and taking the lead in the development of led .Professional technology, powerful R&D staffs, efficient elite team, modern productive equipments, above-mentioned factors guarantee that we will offer the best products and service to customers.

          Our products encompass Flexible LED Display´s, LED indoor lightning-decorated series, scenic spot lighting as well as city-lighted series and so on. In particular, elektric-junkys establishes the department of video-effect development and research group of new products aimed to meet different customers' demand because of various application environments of led products.

          Planing, development and Final Assembly Process on our own Assembly Line, Full LED Lightning Systems, PCB and PCBA Development and Production, Injection Molding  for Housing´s of Aluminum/PVC/ABS and more.  

          Our professional management team is responsible for the company's future development with international horizon and an strategic eye, resolve to promote the development of the Chinese LED industry for the Chinese Domestic Market aswell as internationally.

          Our Main Market "Customers & Audience" are Located in.:


          • China

          • Hongkong

          • Macau

          • Indonesia

          • Thailand

          • Korea


          • USA

          • Canda

          • Mexico

          • Colombia

          • Peru

          • Brazil

          • Australia 

          and Last but not least Europe

          • Nederlands

          • Germany

          • France

          • Spain

          • Italy

          • Portugal

          • Poland

          • Sweeden and more

          We offer several Coorperation Modells for Retailers B2B and B2C Customers. If you are interessted in Coorp. with us just send us an email ..

          we are glad hearing from you

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